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10 Most Hilarious Seaweed Names

10 Most Hilarious Seaweed Names

10 Most Hilarious Seaweed Names

Having helped out with foraging for seaweed since I began working for The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company in 2013 I have enjoyed many hours gathering the stuff at most of the local beaches.

Despite the amount of time I’ve spent doing this I am certainly no expert on all the different species. Every time I go looking for laver, dulse, or any of the more common seaweeds we use for our cooking and products I’m left wondering what some of the curious looking plant life is that grows alongside it.

One day we got back from the beach and Jonathan (Pembrokeshire’s own seaweed man) thrust a book into my hands, ‘Seasearch Guide to Seaweeds - Britain and Ireland’. Well… first of all it may interest you to know that there are 10,000 different types of seaweed. Also that there are three almost unrelated types, reds, browns and greens. The book is full of very interesting facts and information, delving deep into the world of specific seaweeds and where and how they grow in the way that they do. It is great. However, just for fun I’m going to relay a more entertaining (and completely childish) aspect of the book. The names given to the seaweeds.

Each species has a scientific name, often in Latin and always nearly impossible to pronounce, but alongside that is its ‘common name’. This is the name which a normal person like you and I would give it and in some cases have given it for thousands of years. Some of these names given to seaweeds have been found in literature dating back centuries.
So if you’d care to indulge in some good old fashioned immaturity with me, here we have my top ten most hilarious seaweed names:

1. False Eyelash Weed (Calliblepharis Jubara)

2. Creep Horn (Chondracanthus Aciculari)

3. Alternate Bush Weed (Compsothamnion Thuyoides)

4. Little Fat Sausage Weed (Champia Parvula)

5. Creeping Tongue Weed (Radicilingua Thysanorhizans)

6. Bunny Eared Bead Weed (Lomentaria Capillaris)

7. Sticky tube Weed (Gloiosipphoria Capllaris)

8. Punctured Ball Weed (Leathesia Difformis)

9. Slimy Whip Weed (Chordaria Flaelliformis)

10. Landladies Wig (Desmarestia Aculeata)