2021 Summer Update

Due to staff shortages, current Café Môr summer opening times are 8am till 4pm.

Please always call ahead before making a special journey.
Café Môr mobile is 07422 535345 which has daily updates on stock and any changes to times.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

2015 Flashback 2: The Mermaids

2015 Flashback 2: The Mermaids

2015 Flashback 2: The Mermaids

As everyone knows The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company is run by mermaids. Skilled in cooking, collecting seaweed, beach shack building and often partying, the 2015 team have been awesome.

Each mermaid has a different role. Out in the field, or should I say out at the beach, we had Amy, Laurie, James and occasionally Kate, Libby, Cara and of course the captain, Jonathan. These guys were there all summer long fuelling the surfers, sun bathers and explorers at Freshwater West with fresh local lobster and crab, locally produced burgers, bacon and quality Pembrokeshire ice cream. Big thanks to Laurie who only signed up for a few shifts and became full time as well as being the best cleaner ever and falling in love with the trailer. The trailer can’t wait to see you in 2016 either Laurie!

Out in some actual fields we had the festival team. These guys can rock up and produce a kitchen from nothing in a few hours, they’re then also able to cook in it all day every day for sometimes longer than a week, all the while sleeping in tents each night. Then they take the whole thing down again before driving home which is rarely nearby. Jonathan, James, Kate, Richard, Logan, Libby, David, Nerys, Gemma, Sam, Jo, Iona, Steven, Nicola, Jenny, Fran and Olly all know how a van full of people covered in lobster juice smells at midnight on a Sunday.

Back at base Danuta rules the kitchen. All of the seaweed that’s been collected from nearby beaches comes here to be washed, dried and packaged. Danuta makes sure everything is perfect and is perfect at doing so! We also had a helping hand from Eleanor and Debbie for the busy bits not to mention the team who stepped in to help when Marks and Spencer placed their first order of Captain Cat’s Mor Seasoning.

In the office Fran tries to keep up with what everyone else is doing and makes sure everyone gets paid. She spends time processing orders, managing stock, designing packaging and partaking in crazy idea brain storming with Jonathan. Luckily she gets to be involved in a bit of everything including writing blogs like this one!

And finally the Captain of all the mermaids himself, Jonathan. Jonathan fuels all of the above and works harder than anyone. Only a tiny percentage of his ideas make it into action because there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the year, the finalist for the Entrepreneur Wales 2015 award has plenty up his sleeve for 2016.

Mermaid team, you’ve been great.