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Due to staff shortages, current Café Môr summer opening times are 8am till 4pm.

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The Three Stages of Getting Your First Job.

The Three Stages of Getting Your First Job.

The Three Stages of Getting Your First Job.

Ever heard of the five stages of grief? Well, here are the three stages of getting your first job: excitement, pride, complete and utter panic.

Adults have always told me horror stories about their bilious bosses and cantankerous customers, so, yeah, I was freaking out a bit. I'm fifteen and I'm not ready to be a grown-up yet - help! After having spent the last few days in a cramped exam room and the last few nights revising trigonometry until I felt like my brain would explode, I got up at nine in the morning on the first day of my holidays to get ready for my first ever job. My sister - you may know her as Doc Roc - was driving me there, playing her Ed Sheeran CD and giving me advice while I panicked in the back seat, listing the many ways I could and - knowing me - probably would mess up. I approach the shack nervously, fidgeting with the zip on my hoodie and hiding behind my big sister like I'm six again and being encouraged to make new friends. With my luck, it's no surprise that my first day is a busy one, but there are five of us in the shack, so it's not too bad, even if it's a little snug.

Now, I don't know what co-workers from hell everyone else has, but I seem to have gotten a good bunch. There's Joanna, Rachel and Dani who are all really nice and fun to talk to between orders and there's Isobel, hot chocolate artist and saviour of rush hour. Jonathan's been a pretty great boss too and even rescued me when I accidentally locked myself in the company van -not all heroes wear capes, some wear blue aprons. And my sister? Yeah. I guess she's not too bad.

I may never get the smell of crab out of my favourite jeans and it may not be the most glamorous job - hello to the family that witnessed me wrestling with and losing to a bin - it's fun and, hey, it's even on my favourite beach.

By Chloe Williams